Eight Of Twelve Boys Successfully Rescued From Thai Cave

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Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:03 pm

A Thai government spokesman has announced the successful rescue of 8 of the twelve boys who had been trapped in a cave complex. The boys' plight has captured the attention of the whole world since it was first announced about two weeks ago. The twelve teenage boys, plus their 25 year old football coach, ventured into the cave after practice. While exploring it, they got trapped due to heavy rain that flooded some parts of the cave system. They were discovered nine days later in a dark part of the cave that could have easily flooded if it had continued to rain. The incident prompted diving experts from other parts of the world to get involved. They were found by British divers. Although the Thai government and citizens have been hoping for a successful rescue, one member of the Thai Navy SEALS, who've been at the forefront of planning the rescue, unfortunately lost his life.

Some diving experts had speculated that the boys would be forced to spend months in the cave while waiting for water levels to reduce enough to allow them to leave the cave. This is because most of them can't swim and do not have experience using scuba gear. Thai military experts however, with heavy assistance from the foreign divers, successfully implemented a way of rescuing them, that involved placing oxygen tanks at strategic places along the cave. The method used to rescue them can only extract four boys at a time. Each run takes up to 5 hours to complete. The entire rescue mission is expected to end by Wednesday, with the coach expected to be the last one out.

The cave system in which they were trapped is said to be at least 10 kilometers long, with the place where they were found being 4 kilometers from the main entrance.