Angola To Be Compensated By Russia For Faulty Satellite

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Wed Jun 20, 2018 11:12 pm

Russia has reportedly reached an agreement with Angola, to compensate the country for a satellite, AngoSat 1, that ended up being inoperable. The satellite was funded through a 300 million dollar loan advanced to the Angolan government by the Russian state agency Rosoboronexport. Under the terms of the agreement which was signed in 2009, the geostationary communications satellite would be operational for 15 years. Various issues made the project fall behind schedule. A 2016 launch was abandoned due to political tensions between Russia and Ukraine over the former's annexation of Crimea. The launch finally took place on 26 December 2017 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. Contact was lost, which was blamed on low batteries. The situation was expected to improve once the sun started charging the solar powered batteries. Contact was restored on 27th Dec, but the satellite kept drifting away from its operational point. By mid January 2018, the satellite manufacturer announced that the issue was with the power supply system. On April 23rd, it was declared completely inoperable.

While making the announcement, Angolan Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Jose Carvalho da Rocha also said plans were underway to build a new satellite, expected to be operational in the next 2 years.