Remembering Mohamed 'Mo' Amin

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Mohamed Amin was a Kenyan photojournalist, best known for shooting the photos and videos that documented the Ethiopian famine. This exposure, apart from making him world famous, prompted the world to respond to the plight of famine stricken Ethiopians, leading to the Live Aid concerts that brought world celebrities together. He also captured a lot of other moments that defined Africa's history, including the revolution of Zanzibar, Idi Amin's dictatorship, Jean Bedel Bokassa's coronation and Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie's final photos.

Disillusioned by the negative depiction of Africa especially in western media, he started, through his company Camerapix, the Africa Journal program that for years presented an objective coverage of the continent. In 1991, he lost his arm when an explosion occurred as he covered a story about an Ethiopian ammunition dump. The prosthetic arm he got later came to be a sort of trademark.

He sadly passed away in 1996, when the Ethiopian Airlines plane he was traveling to Nairobi in got hijacked. The hijackers ordered the pilot to change course, only for it to later crash into the Indian Ocean, near a beach in the Comoros, killing most on board. Some of the survivors claim that before the crash, Mo Amin was actively negotiating with the hijackers, and at some point urged his fellow passengers to try and overpower them and take back control of the plane.

Though gone, his legacy still lives. His archives are said to contain millions of photos and videos he took during his life. ... 19528.html