What If?

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Mon Sep 10, 2018 10:28 pm

I once watched this animated movie Horton Hears A Who!, based on one of Dr. Seuss’ books by the same title. If you’re familiar with his books, you’ll know that he writes children’s books but which have a deeper meaning to adults. In this particular film, Horton the elephant hears a sound coming from a tiny dust speck that floats past him. From then, he becomes obsessed with saving the tiny people he’s convinced live in the speck, even when nearly every other animal in the jungle refuses to believe him. His persistence finally pays off, when the tiny people, known as the Whos, make enough noise to be heard by all the animals that were skeptical of Horton’s claims. The book and film’s main theme is “a person’s a person, no matter how small”. This can be interpreted both literally and figuratively. Other than teaching us that everyone’s opinion matters, no matter how small or insignificant they might appear, it also explores the possible existence of alien life forms. Others have also opined that the theme could be an anti-abortion message.

Whatever the case, the movie got me thinking about other scenarios that sound too farfetched but which could just turn out to be true if you’re philosophical and open minded enough. For example, what if our entire universe, with its countless galaxies and billions of stars, is just the size of a marble to another race of super giant beings? Sounds quite ridiculous, I know. On the flip side, what if the tiniest organisms we know of, like bacteria, are entire universes to other super tiny micro-organisms we will never ever see even with the most powerful lab equipment?

Sometimes, you come across an event that was witnessed by multiple people, like a car accident for example. The most amazing thing is that even though all these people witnessed the same event, there will still be discrepancies in their narration of what exactly happened. They will still fail to agree on some details; depending on where one was at the time it took place. Which begs the question; what if everyone has their own version of truth and reality? You’ve all heard the statement “everyone is crazy, it’s just a matter of degree”. Sometimes someone does something that is considered crazy, like committing murder, and everyone who talks about it expresses their shock. So and so was always calm, I would have never expected him to do such a horrible thing. But what if "crazy” just decided to bubble to bubble up to the surface at that exact moment? If every one of us has some little crazy in them, is there any one “normal” person on planet earth?

What if the world as you know it is just a figment of your imagination? You could be a patient in a mental hospital, and all the “normalcy” around you could be carefully constructed by your crazy mind. What if one or a few of the people you see or interact with on a regular basis are only visible to you? What if you’ve been in a comma for years now, and the world you’re in is just based on what you dream about?

What if there are countless other dimensions, each with the exact number of people as earth, but with different variations to their lives? In one dimension you could be a wildly successful billionaire businessman, while in another you’re the poorest of the poor. What if we truly live in a matrix, where our seemingly random existence has been programmed to appear so? In that sense, choice, free will and similar ideals don’t matter because your fate is not in your hands.

What if you’re imagining this entire post?