Ten Readily Available Foods That Boost Sexual Performance

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The growing popularity of western fast food has brought with it new health challenges. For every Subway, KFC, Burger King and/or McDonald's that opens, the possibility of increase in cases of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease also rises. These diseases, apart from being potentially fatal, also affect one's sexual health. To keep such diseases away, one must be disciplined in the food they eat. Other than eating healthy, it is also important to exercise regularly, avoid stressful situations and kick bad habits like smoking and alcohol and drug abuse. Eating healthy doesn't always need to be expensive. Below is a list of ten foods, in no particular order, that are readily available and have been shown to improve sexual performance:

1. Watermelon
Contains lots of L-citrulline, an amino acid that can help make erections harder. L-citrulline converts to L-arginine, which increases the production of nitric oxide, which in turn increases blood flow to the penis, thereby making erections stronger.

2. Spinach
Remember how Popeye always took a can of spinach for strength before unleashing a beating? Research has shown that spinach also provides a different kind of strength in the bedroom.

3. Nuts
Most people will tell you this is an open secret. The ability of nuts to increase libido has been discussed for a long time. Peanuts and walnuts, apart from containing L-arginine which produces nitric oxide, also have healthy fats that reduce cholesterol, which in turn increases blood flow in the body.

4. Garlic
Most people avoid garlic because of the strong, not particularly nice smell it gives to their breath, but it has been shown to prevent the formation of fat deposits in arterial walls, which also increases blood flow.

5. Bananas
Given how much the banana has been sexualized, it is only natural that it appears on this list. The fruit contains potassium and simple carbohydrates that provide stamina. It also goes a long way in preventing muscle cramps that might kill the mood in the bedroom.

6. Avocado
Another readily available fruit, avocado contains B vitamins that not only enrich nerves and brain cells, but also prevent the build up of stress. It also contains "nice" fats that increase blood flow in the body.

7. Eggs
Rich in B vitamins, eggs help in the balancing of hormones, which in turn goes a long way in reducing stress. Less stress means more action in the bedroom.

8. Pumpkin seeds
Another not-so-well-kept secret as far as sexual stamina goes, pumpkin seeds contain zinc and magnesium. These minerals help in boosting testosterone levels in the body. They also aid in blood flow.

9. Apple
Other than keeping the doctor away, an apple a day may also keep you going in the bedroom. Apples contain high levels of quercetin, an antioxidant flavonoid that researchers have discovered increases endurance.

10. Chillies
While some might have difficulty eating pepper, others cannot take a bite of food without it as an accompaniment. Chiilies contain capsaicin, a compound that releases chemicals that increase heart rate and increase the level of arousal in the body, thereby increasing libido.


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